Storm Weaver Part 3

Read Part 1 & 2 at links below: He left behind the pouch and the five smooth stones inside.A pink one,A grey one,A white one,A green and a brown one.I poured them out in my hand.As I rolled the pink one,My face warmed from the sun,The grey caused a breeze, moist with rain.The … Continue reading Storm Weaver Part 3

Storm Weaver 2 -100 word story

continued from October 24 post The old man held out the pouch in the palm of his crooked hand,“Take it.”“Why?”“I’m giving it to you.”A simple reason.The leather pouch was tightly closed.Did I dare open the strings?The sun warmed my face,Poured over wet pavement,Washed away all trace of cold.Everything shined on a new day.The old man … Continue reading Storm Weaver 2 -100 word story