5 Things I Saw – April 2022

1. Dolls that make you think. A lot of people find clowns creepy. I do. What about dolls? What about these dolls? Once upon a time these were for children….little children…to play with! The third doll was actually part of my childhood. We called her Ellen. She didn’t belong to any of my three sisters … Continue reading 5 Things I Saw – April 2022

See My World – 100 Words

PHOTO PROMPT © Carole Erdman-Grant How do I explain it so they understand?“Okay everyone, road trip.”Eight students packed in my SUV.They’re young. They can handle crunching together.“Look at the mountains. What do you see?”“Umm, trees.” I hear behind me.Laughter erupts.“Try harder,” I say undaunted.One answers, “muted wheat colors, except for the evergreens.”“Yes. Muted. Perfect. Calm … Continue reading See My World – 100 Words