My 911 Story – 20 years later

September 10, 2001, the New York skyline included the parallel lines of the Twin Towers and I saw it every day on my way to work . The next day that view was gone. I worked at a company forty minutes from Manhattan. That morning I just finished breakfast in the cafeteria. I walked down … Continue reading My 911 Story – 20 years later

The Basket

They sit in a circle, the symbol of unity, weaving the same basket, it works best that way. Young, and old, one generation blending with the next, hands at work, bending, threading, pulling the reeds prepared by experience, softened with love because this project, is no less than the project, their very lives. When one … Continue reading The Basket

Beyond Fences

               Photo by Kristina Paukshtite on The big house became our home five years ago when our son and daughter were old enough to ask why we made them move away from their friends. We were wise enough not to answer since really, how could we explain that success meant a bigger house and … Continue reading Beyond Fences