Plans Gone Awry – 100 Words

Some deals look good. The terms make sense. But then something gets twisted, the purpose backfires. Take for instance the deal with Gerry’s Painting service. He agreed to paint the church pristine white, no charge for labor in exchange to park his boat until it sold. His ‘boat’ was an ugly old thing. Three weeks … Continue reading Plans Gone Awry – 100 Words

Double Jeopardy – StormWeaver #32

I sift through the stringy pond weed, silky mud slipping through my hands. “They’re gone.” My voice cracks. I didn’t know I was attached. Chloe snickers. She crouches next to me. “No silly, I have them.” She opens her hand to show four more colored pebbles. All is not lost. “Give them over,” I say. … Continue reading Double Jeopardy – StormWeaver #32

Hold Unto Your Seats – StormWeaver #31

My eyes closed for just a moment. I’m sure. Long enough that Chloe sits with her head in her hands. “What did you do?” “Nothing. Isn’t that obvious?” I see the pouch on the ground. She tosses it to me. “Nothing, the same as your worthless stones.” “Where are they?” The bag is empty. “I … Continue reading Hold Unto Your Seats – StormWeaver #31