Never Mind Never Mind – StormWeaver Episode #16

A flash of light and I’m back,The plant is there,The kite is gone.I look and see Rose has it in her hands.“Confounded paper junk. He made me leave it here.”“I saw him,” I say. “Was he my Papa?”“Never-mind just don’t touch this again.”“I will mind. What is going on here?”“Too much for you to bare,” … Continue reading Never Mind Never Mind – StormWeaver Episode #16

Camera Lens or Mind’s Eye?

“Mindfulness” is such an ubiquitous word, such a high concept. Go about your life fully aware of what is happening within and without. Wait, are we talking about modern folks? Hmmm, have you noticed many people waiting for a bus, waiting for a table at a restaurant, or for heaven’s sake walking down the hall … Continue reading Camera Lens or Mind’s Eye?