Blogging Ate My Homework

I read the description for an online class to help writers establish a platform. One of the things mentioned was how ineffective an author blog to share serial stories, writing experiences and poetry was. Hello? That is the description of CG Express.

So I’m daring to pose this question, “Is blogging a waste of time?

If my expectation in publishing this blog was launching my writing career or making money the declaration by the teacher of the online class would be discouraging. I have neither lofty aspiration but it warranted an evaluation of how this blogging experience is going.

I’m at the one year mark and actually just 2 days past my first post date, I reached 100 followers. I love round numbers so this was a happy day, thanks to Emily of “” .

If not blogging for money or fame is it then just for fun, a past time with the bonus of connecting with humans across the globe, sometimes even sharing comments? It can be, but as a writer seeking to improve my craft, blogging is a monumental tool.

It’s one thing to keep a personal journal, something to catch daily reflections that times ahead can be pondered on and remembered. It’s entirely different however putting together a post and then publishing for others to read. Blogging develops discipline to write when maybe the writer bug wants to sleep. It requires taking an idea developing and presenting it, trimming out the fluff, making sure it opens well and closes well.

One of the results for me, over the past year is that I have honed scene development in my novel writing. I am much more aware of making sure there is a point to what I’m writing because blog posts demand that. Blogging keeps my mind tuned up, well oiled and ready to go which means I am able to slide right into my novel writing when time opens up. It is a balancing act time-wise and each endeavor feeds off the other but the priority is always the WIP.

Therein lies where blogging can become a waste of time. When the lure of counting ‘Likes’ and racking up ‘Followers’ starts to feel like the goal, I know I’m getting lost in the hallways of blogdom. I’m forgetting that my destination is not wandering through a maze of posts, but to pioneer new lands as an author.

To all those who are new to blogging with hopes and dreams of what it will accomplish, know this, if you have any thought of becoming a better writer, blogging will be a trusted guide. Just make sure it stays on a leash and away from your actual project goals.

Write on! Blog on!

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