Take One and Feel Better

Did you know there is such a thing as “bibliotherapy”? I read about it in a magazine. The idea is that a bibliotherapist evaluates a person’s emotional/mental state and then “prescribes” a book, typically fiction that is related to what they are struggling with. Suffering from the emotional trauma of losing a house and going bankrupt? There’s a book for that!
Apparently studies have shone that reading or listening to a story can help a person see their way through an issue. Hmmm. Did we not know that? That’s one of the things I like about memoirs; real stories that read like fiction (kind of) so I can relate or at least grow in my understanding of other’s life experiences.
Truly I think it would be a fantastic job to assign people books to read, to be a book consultant. I’m thinking also of getting in touch with the Bibliotherapist in the article and ask her if there are any stories that need to be told; stories that there is no good novel out there to speak to someone’s need. It’s a leg up to write a story that’s needed; aka writing to the market. I would pause the three (okay maybe four) novels I’ve got going to write a story that someone needs. Think about your current project. Who needs to read your book? Well, get going then. There’s someone waiting.

Write on!

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