Normal Purple – Flashy Fiction

The last vestige of normal washed down the bathroom sink. Her hair was now purple, shocking purple to be exact. When it was all blow dried and the waves of purple were shining down her shoulders, Janey knew this was the day. The day everyone would see who she really was, not a quiet, impish girl who didn’t take chances but a bold, unpredictable, even wild woman.

As soon as Janey stepped out the front door it hit her. She was the same person that she was yesterday with mousey brown hair. If purple was going to make a difference, it was up to her to make it happen. Afterall she really was a punky, fun person, right? All she needed was a tool to open people’s eyes to her real inner self. Three steps down the walk, it was a mistake. How could she ever show her face? They would laugh. Wouldn’t they? No, of course not. Why didn’t she think to do this around Halloween? That would have worked. Maybe she should use that back-up ‘chestnut brown’ color. Two steps back toward the front door. No. She would probably end up with puke colored hair that way.

Just do it Janey. Just do it. She turned around and started walking away from the house without looking back.

This post was inspired by Fandango’s one word challenge for March 19,2021 : FOWC with Fandango — Vestige – This, That, and The Other (

6 responses to “Normal Purple – Flashy Fiction”

  1. I so understand this character – wanting to be bold and extraordinary but having all the voices in her head pushing her the other way. Nicely depicted.


    1. Thanks. Love your username, could be a motto for life!


  2. Love it go bright and take over the world!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks! Glad you enjoyed that super short ‘flashy’ fiction.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. You’re welcome. I did I’m thinking of getting some purple hair die now too!


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