The Face of a Flower – StormWeaver #26

What happens?Only the soothing sound of the stones jumping inside the bag.I knew it.I knew there was nothing special about the stones.She is just a crazy old woman.“Very good,” Rose says behind me.I turn but she is gone,Back into the cottage.I look to the path and the sun is shining,A beacon to light my way.“I’m … Continue reading The Face of a Flower – StormWeaver #26

Within the Mist – StormWeaver #25

Despite Rose’s plea, I can’t stay another minute in this crazy house.I rush out the door and stand on the stone threshold, breathing in the moist air of an eery fog.The sun is an unfocused orb, unfamiliar, disorienting.Rose comes behind me and stops short.She throws up her arms.“Not again! This will ruin my garden. Use … Continue reading Within the Mist – StormWeaver #25

Let Me Go – StormWeaver Episode #24

Mine is an empty threat.I won’t rattle these stones.There’s no telling what they’ll do.“I’m going home.”Rose jumps up with amazing speed and grabs my arm.“No! Don’t go.”Chloe cries, face in hands, scrunched into the couch.Just a day ago I was fine,No one in my life, only Maggie cat.“Talk to her,” I say to Rose. “You … Continue reading Let Me Go – StormWeaver Episode #24