Let’s Go Fly a Kite – StormWeaver Episode 15

I am chasing the kite or,
Is the kite chasing me?
Over a field of wild strawberries,
my feet smash the sweet fruit,
filling the air,
My heels stained red with their juice.
I am laughing, laughing, laughing.
Wait is this me?
I’m just a baby,
No wonder the kite lifts me off the ground,
And places me back down again.
“That is right, little one”, a voice says.
It is not mama’s.
Then whose is it?
“Follow the kite.”
“Where will you take me?” I answer.
“Never mind.”
Mama says that. Is it mama I hear?
“Not mama, papa.”

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Up, Up, Away on Kite Strings – StormWeaver Episode #14

Rose ambles right past me,
The sitting room has two couches,
A satin, salmon pink one with claw feet,
A boxy faded navy blue one occupied by a giant knitting basket with
A multi colored afghan flowing out of it.
Everywhere there is stuff,
Taking up space,
Stacks of books,
A set of golf clubs,
A hat rack loaded with hats,
Boxes of dried flowers,
Paintings leaning on paintings leaning on the wall,
And there,
Tucked next to a dead plant,
A purple paper kite.
I went to it.
“No!” Rose yelled. “Don’t touch it.”
But it’s too late.

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