Who’s Your Mama? – StormWeaver Episode 23

Enough of this nonsense!” I say.“Tell me about my Papa.”Rose clicks her needles but no stitches are made.“Rose!”“You will call me Mama!” She yells.Chloe jumps from the couch.“Mama?”Rose does not look up.Chloe puts her hands over the needles.“You said you found me a man.”“He is a man.”“But my brother?”“No. He is not.”Chloe stumbles back.The air … Continue reading Who’s Your Mama? – StormWeaver Episode 23

The Stones Choose – StormWeaver #21

Before I can think it, Rose jumps forward and snatches the pouch from Maggie cat. “I know he filled your mind with ideas about the stone’s powers, but these are not yours.” I open my mouth, The room shakes, The earth shakes. “It’s the brown stone. Did you lose it?” Rose pulls the strings. They … Continue reading The Stones Choose – StormWeaver #21

Never Mind Never Mind – StormWeaver Episode #16

A flash of light and I’m back,The plant is there,The kite is gone.I look and see Rose has it in her hands.“Confounded paper junk. He made me leave it here.”“I saw him,” I say. “Was he my Papa?”“Never-mind just don’t touch this again.”“I will mind. What is going on here?”“Too much for you to bare,” … Continue reading Never Mind Never Mind – StormWeaver Episode #16