Current Projects

Clare Graith is a writer of speculative fiction, nature lover, tree hugger, defender of weird bugs.

Kill Words

New Adult Crime Drama /NaNoWriMo 2020

Maisey may be having a mid-twenties crisis. If that’s a thing. She’s not high on the family roster of success and though a blog under a new name won’t help that, at least she can speak her mind. She didn’t plan on finding and its writer, Tyler but when she does she gets more than just being on his list of followers. She’s on the list of his employers and they’re not blogging for fun.

First draft complete, 65K words.

The Caller and the Healer

The Matere have been living peacefully, secretly in the woods of North America. They are suffering from a genetic disease. Tzia is the only Caller of the Matere people. Her job us to call a Healer through her mind. He has the cure in his blood. Darrell is the only Healer but doesn’t know his ancestry and he’s suffering from the effects of The undiagnosed disease. Tzia has the cure for him. He has a cure for all the Matere. They are drawn together. But the timing couldn’t be worse for this romance.

The Matere’s secret existence is slipping away. Powerful people in science and politics have been studying the evidence that they exist and are closing in on capturing them for sinister purposes.

Both Tzia and Darrell must face their fears when they are called upon to save the tribe in ways that neither one saw coming. In the end, they learn the bond between them isn’t based on a mystical, ancient force but one that is common to all humans, love.

Completed manuscript; 98,000 words. Seeking an Agent to represent. Sequel plot planned.