Hold Unto Your Seats – StormWeaver #31

My eyes closed for just a moment. I’m sure. Long enough that Chloe sits with her head in her hands. “What did you do?” “Nothing. Isn’t that obvious?” I see the pouch on the ground. She tosses it to me. “Nothing, the same as your worthless stones.” “Where are they?” The bag is empty. “I … Continue reading Hold Unto Your Seats – StormWeaver #31

Sweet Bye and Bye – StormWeaver #30

She smiles coyly, I can’t resist even seeing the glint in her eye. She opens the bag wider and pulls out thick slabs of corn cake and a jar of strawberry jam. She spreads a layer of jam on the cake then holds it up for me to take a bite. Her face is so … Continue reading Sweet Bye and Bye – StormWeaver #30

Fish and Chips? – StormWeaver #29

One can always trust the cat, unless the cat smells fish. Fifteen minutes up the road and where do I end up? At the edge of a pond watching Maggie cat busy swatting at minnows. She meows then laps the water daintily. Chloe breaks out in laughter. “Why don’t we have a picnic?” With tea … Continue reading Fish and Chips? – StormWeaver #29