Not Again – StormWeaver #44

I open my eyes.

“What happened?”Chloe asks.

I scramble to my feet.

“You fell asleep.

Chloe laughs. “Did you breath in pollen?”

I look and see up ahead a field of pink flowers bending in the breeze.

“No. We already did the flower thing. You ate that frosting from the armadillo.”

“Adam did you hit your head? You’re talking nonsense. Frosting? Armadillo?”

I almost rub my head to check for a bump, but I know I experienced the last hour.

A blue bird lands on Chloe’s shoulder.

As it flies off she almost runs after it.

I grab her hand.

Today’s episode seems to take Adam and Chloe back to the future but I’m afraid I will leave you all hanging on what happens next as StormWeaver has reached the point where it is no longer strings of 100 words. Yes, that’s right, these four thousand or so words have brought the characters to novel territory. I am crafting a full length, fantasy novel loosely based (but not at all a string of ) on these 100 word episodes. If you don’t want to say goodbye to Adam, Chloe, Rose and Monroe (Adam’s father) stay tuned next week for the opening paragraph. I extend to you faithful fans of this series the invitation to be a beta reader of “SoulWeaver“. I would very much appreciate your input, no strings attached, timelines, bombardment of emails and the like…passive commitment is all I ask. Please leave a comment below if you’re interested. Thank you! If not, I hope to meet again in a new series! Until then, do check your head for bumps if things seem just a little too familiar. Best, Clare.

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