Patchwork Armadillo Cupcakes?- StormWeaver #43

I pluck off the seed and fling it.

She laughs and I think we’re going to be okay.

Yes, we will. We just need to find our way.

Then an armadillo with a patchwork quilted back waddles down the path.

Chloe reaches out.

“Oh,” she says. Her hand comes away with a smear of colors, and the creature leaves with a handprint on his back.

“It’s frosting.”

“Maybe don’t…”

 “Vanilla, I think.”

She licks the tip of a finger, and then smiles wide.

“So yummy.”


 She tastes more. Her eyes flutter. “So sleepy.”

I catch her as she drops.

Is Chloe just overcome by a sugar rush or is there something in that armadillo frosting? Wait, why is there a frosted armadillo? Things get stranger and stranger while Chloe and Adam are trying to find their way. Come back next week to find out more. Until then, maybe resist that urge to take just one taste of that chocolate coated cat that just crossed your path or the plate of cookies that just caught your eye. Best, Clare.

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