Seeds of Trouble – StormWeaver #42

A bird flying low, erratic, escapes the flower field.

Is it the evil twin or the benevolent helper?

A dress hangs from its beak,

waving like a flag, pure white.

It once had a colorful print.

The dress drops into Chloe’s outstretched arms,

slipping  over her head.

My mind releases from thoughts of rolling in the bed of malevolent flowers despite the cost.

“If I hadn’t gone after this one,” she says. “It would still be lost.”

“If you hadn’t stolen them, we wouldn’t be here.”

Then I see it. A seed burr stuck to the hem of her dress.

Will trouble ever leave these two young people? Not when it is stalking them every step of the way. Come back next week to find out what new trial awaits them! StormWeaver is a continuing story told 100 words at a time. Maybe one day it will be a novel…Till next time, check yourself for seed burrs if you’re suddenly annoyed at the person next to you. Best, Clare.

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