Narrow Escape – StormWeaver #41


I accept the stone from her,

Flowers bloom as our fingers touch,

They reach around her waist, grab at my hand.

I clench the stone in my fist and feel it’s warmth growing,

Till the flowers wilt and drop away.

I scoop her up. She squeals not in delight.

I’ve ripped her feet from scratchy seed barbs. I follow my footprints to the path.

A bird dives for my head.

“Is that the bird?”

“Maybe it’s evil twin,”I say.

It tries again.

Chloe screams. I stumble.

Lucky we land on the path.

Her pantaloons are white again.

Now that Adam and Chloe are finally free and they have one of the missing stones, where will they go next? Return next week for another 100 words of this tale. First time visitor? Read from the beginning by scrolling back in the StormWeaver category. Till next time watch out for dive bombing birds! Best, Clare

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