Found: Modest Flowers – StormWeaver #40

Pink flowers grew up her legs,

Well not exactly.

It was the print on her pantaloons billowing like sails on a boat.

“Those flowers…”

“They were white this morning.”

“Nevermind.” She opened her hand to reveal the treasure snatched from the bird’s mouth, the pink stone.

She was amazing, completely undaunted by whatever came her way.

Except, as I looked down, seeds were clinging to both our ankles.

What would she remove to get out of this one?

She held out the stone.

I hesitated. Forgive me but the thought of another layer of clothing disappearing made me pause.

StormWeaver is a continuing story best read from the beginning. If you have the inclination, back track to earlier episodes by choosing it in categories. Meanwhile for regular fans of the story, tune in next week to find out how Chloe and Adam get out of their current sticky situation.

Have a fantastical day! And be sure to wear layers in cold weather or when venturing into magical lands. Best, Clare

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