The Great Escape – StormWeaver #39

There was only one thing to do and afraid as I was of the possibility of pain,

I could not leave Chloe to a death by seed strangulation.

I pulled my feet out of my shoes and started forward.

“Hang on,” I called to her. Spiked seeds stung my toes.

A few stuck to my calloused heels and crunched with each step.

As I neared the center where the flowers loomed high,

All at once Chloe landed at my feet like a great fish spat her out.

She no longer wore her dress.

Her face flushed red.

“I got away!”

Did you miss last week’s triple set of 100 words? Go back and read it to really know what predicament Chloe was in. Return next week to find out how Adam handles her new situation. StormWeaver is a continuing story told in 100 word increments. Thanks for stopping by! Be a fan and leave a comment or ‘Like’. Join the fan family and follow,this blog. Till then, consider what can be left behind to save your life and watch out for giant flowers. Best, Clare.

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