A Young Worrywart – StormWeaver #35

I shake my head. Is it something in the air? Am I hallucinating?

Chloe grabs my hand and pulls me forward into the mouth of the tunnel.

I look back. The amber goo filled cave is a distant circle.


“You worry too much” she says.   

“And you too little.”

“What is there to worry about?” She points to the scene before us.

Moss covered boulders, give way to a hillside of pink flowers.

A brook bubbles next to a thin path that disappears ahead.

A blue and yellow bird lands on Chloe’s hand.

“Now we find the stones.”


Hey loyal StormWeaver fans, stay tuned next week for a triple set. Yes that’s right 3×100 words. Just thought I owed my readers a little more of the story. For those of you new to the StormWeaver story, read backwards by choosing it in categories. Until then, friends and strangers, have a fantastical day! And try not to worry about every mystery you come across. Best, Clare

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