Closing the Distance – StormWeaver #34

I hear only my breathing; in, out, and a drip, hollow and gloppy. More of this stuff I’ve landed in?


The amber light shimmers iridescent  on the surface of the puddle.

“Chloe?” I call again.  

I see the faintest pin prick of color down a long tunnel. I think it’s a tunnel or is it right in front of me?

“Are you coming?” Chloe appears a dark line in the rainbow. “Adam?”

The next instant she’s standing five feet away with streams of prismatic light flowing around her. “Come, let’s go.” She’s a line again, in the distance.


The StormWeaver tale continues with Chloe and Adam landing some place mysterious. But was it landing? And what is going on with Adam’s vision? Come back next week for the next 100 words.

Read from the beginning of this continuous story told in 100 word increments. Choose “StormWeaver” in categories. “Like” this post and let me know you’re a fan. “Follow” this blog and keep up to date on new posts. Have a magical day! And watch your step near the edge of mysterious ponds. Best, Clare.

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