Wherever We Land – StormWeaver #33

“I expect we’ll land in water,” I say as we fall with our hands clasped together.

I don’t know how it happened that we are so joined, but I will not be the one to let go.

Her hand is warm in mine and truth be told I’m terrified to reach our destination alone.

We fall in a misty, amber glow, not cold, not warm, as neutral as the lack of pressure on my skin, except her hand.

It is as though we are in a dream together, entirely impossible yet…the impact into slimy, something does not hurt. It burps.

Come back next week to find out what predicament Adam and Chloe are in now. StormWeaver is a continuing story told in 100 word increments. You’ll find previous episodes in categories to read from the beginning. Till next time, have a magical day! Clare

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