Hold Unto Your Seats – StormWeaver #31

My eyes closed for just a moment. I’m sure.

Long enough that Chloe sits with her head in her hands.

“What did you do?”

“Nothing. Isn’t that obvious?”

I see the pouch on the ground. She tosses it to me.

“Nothing, the same as your worthless stones.”

“Where are they?” The bag is empty.

“I tossed them.” She points to the pond.

 My heart pounds. I rush to the waters edge.

The green one easy to find in the grey gravel.

I take it in my palm. But the rest, I cannot see.

In the next moment, all is lost.

StormWeaver is a continuing story told in 100 word increments. This week’s installment finds our two young characters on the brink of disaster. Check back next week to find how deep it goes. Till then have a magical day! Clare

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