Sweet Bye and Bye – StormWeaver #30

She smiles coyly,

I can’t resist even seeing the glint in her eye.

She opens the bag wider and pulls out thick slabs of corn cake and a jar of strawberry jam.

She spreads a layer of jam on the cake then holds it up for me to take a bite.

Her face is so close to mine, I think she will lick the crumbs from my lips.

“Chloe,” I say. “I don’t think we…”

“Shhh, have another bite.”

Instead I breath in crumbs, cough, sending cake flying.

“No!” Chloe cries.

My eyes grow heavy and I know her objective.

Will the shenanigans ever end with Chloe? What has she done this time? Find out in next week’s post to StormWeaver, a continuing story told in 100 word increments. Have a great day and watch out for smiling cats and women with bags of tricks! Neither can be trusted. Best, Clare.

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