Fish and Chips? – StormWeaver #29

One can always trust the cat, unless the cat smells fish.

Fifteen minutes up the road and where do I end up?

At the edge of a pond watching Maggie cat busy swatting at minnows.

She meows then laps the water daintily.

Chloe breaks out in laughter.

“Why don’t we have a picnic?”

With tea and crumpets, I wonder? Will Maggie turn into the Cheshire Cat next?

Chloe swings a bag from back to front.

She sits down under a shade tree I swear was not there a moment ago.

“Come, I have snacks.”

She opens the bag and smiles.

StormWeaver is a continuing story told in 100 word increments. You really should read from the beginning. Find it in categories under StormWeaver. You’ll need to scroll backwards. Sorry for the trouble but that’s the way it works or you could go to Wattpad and look for it there listed in order. Be a fan and ‘Like’ this post. Join the fan family and “Follow” this blog. Have a great, fantastical day! Best, Clare

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