The Sport of a Tease – StormWeaver #28

“Which way does one go when one does not know the way?” Chloe says from behind.
I can feel the smile on her face.
Try as I might not a single detail comes back from when I came here.
I shade my eyes from the sun and look left and right.
I hear Chloe snickering.
I turn and see the blue in her hair matches the sky.
“Did your mother teach you to make sport of someone else’s dilemma?”
“She’s not my mother, apparently.”
Maggie cat brushed against my leg and then walked off on the path to the left.

Maggie cat outsmarted Chloe, but will she get the upper hand still? Find out next week. StormWeaver is a continuing story. Read from the beginning by choosing it in categories. Be a fan and “Like” this post. Join the fan family and “Follow” my blog. Make my day and leave a kind comment! Have a day (or night) filled with wonder and delight. Best, Clare.

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