Be my Guide or is it Bride? StormWeaver #27

She’s out of the bush and brushing herself off before I can get to her.
“Go,” she says.
“Why were you hiding?”
“To watch you take the wrong way.”
There are still leaves in her hair and the fragrance of flowers drifts off her lips.
“I know my way.” But I don’t.
She gives a small laugh. “Please, then don’t let me stop you.”
“Come with me.”
She looks to the cottage. “In case you get lost?”
“In case I want to be found.”
“I’ll follow.” She points to the path that splits at the top of the hill.

Will Adam make it home? Will Chloe lead him there or will she direct him back full circle to the cottage? Check back next week for the next 100 words in this continuing saga.

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