The Face of a Flower – StormWeaver #26

What happens?
Only the soothing sound of the stones jumping inside the bag.
I knew it.
I knew there was nothing special about the stones.
She is just a crazy old woman.
“Very good,” Rose says behind me.
I turn but she is gone,
Back into the cottage.
I look to the path and the sun is shining,
A beacon to light my way.
“I’m going home,” I call.
“Stay. Chloe needs you.”
“She’s not even here.”
“She is.”
And then I see her beneath a flowering bush,
her face ringed with blossoms.
“Go away,” she says.
But I can’t.

Hope you enjoyed this week’s installment of StormWeaver. Come back next week to find out what Adam does though Chloe has told him to go away.

Let me know you’re a fan and ‘Like’ this post. Join the fan family and ‘Follow’ this blog. Have a great week with enough wonder to keep you wondering. Best, Clare.

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