Within the Mist – StormWeaver #25

Despite Rose’s plea, I can’t stay another minute in this crazy house.
I rush out the door and stand on the stone threshold, breathing in the moist air of an eery fog.
The sun is an unfocused orb, unfamiliar, disorienting.
Rose comes behind me and stops short.
She throws up her arms.
“Not again! This will ruin my garden. Use the stones,” she says.
“The stones?”
“Don’t you know by now?”
I need the day to end.
“Go on,” Rose says tugging on my arm. “Shake the bag.”
“What will happen?”
“Time to find out.”
And so I do.

What happened when Adam shook the bag of stones? What do you think will happen? It’s doubtful you would be right. Come back in a week to find out. StormWeaver is a continuing story told in one hundred word increments. Show you’re a fan and ‘like’ this post. Join the fan family and ‘follow’. Read from the beginning by choosing StormWeaver in categories. Have a magically fun day! Clare.

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