The Showing Not Telling Story – 100 Word

PHOTO PROMPT © Brenda Cox – Friday Fictioneers

Idle boys spell trouble.
“Bring me a pineapple Humberto. I’ll tell you a story.”
The boy quickly delivered the juiciest fruit.
“Get me another. One not so soft.”
Humberto shrugged and picked one, large, misshapen.
“A pretty one, not the biggest.”
“Abuelo, why didn’t you say that first time?” Abuelo shrugged. The boy brought another, perfect.
Abuelo took it, turned it sideways and pierced the skin with his knife.
He plunged the knife again and again.
“But you haven’t told me a story.”
“I did.” He split the fruit to reveal a swan.
“The story of making a swan.”

This 100 Word story is brought to you by the photo prompt as a part of “Friday Fictioneers”. Check her blog and join the fun!

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