Let’s Talk

You ignored my invitation,
My chair waited out in the snow.
“Nana what do you expect?” Gracie asked me once.
“I expect him to show up. Put his chair down across from mine and talk.”
“Why does there have to be a but?” My argument was not with the sweet girl. You know that.
“Nana,” she said. “Make the first move, sit.”
The weathered chair still held me up.
A hundred daffodils shone their yellow suns, a robin sang its heart full, the promises of spring carried in the air.
You spoke and I knew I was wrong.

This story brought to you by the photo prompt from Rochellewissoff.com “Friday Fictioneers” Check out her blog and join the party.

20 thoughts on “Let’s Talk

  1. Great interplay between the two characters, and I like how the grandmother’s change of heart is accompanied by the appearance of spring flowers. Lovely.


  2. You’re very clever writing the granddaughter’s argument in the second person. It makes it more immediate and forceful. It compels the reader to take a particular view. Done too much, it can make a story strident, but here you’ve got it just right.


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