Who’s Your Mama? – StormWeaver Episode 23

Enough of this nonsense!” I say.
“Tell me about my Papa.”
Rose clicks her needles but no stitches are made.
“You will call me Mama!” She yells.
Chloe jumps from the couch.
Rose does not look up.
Chloe puts her hands over the needles.
“You said you found me a man.”
“He is a man.”
“But my brother?”
“No. He is not.”
Chloe stumbles back.
The air in my lungs is trapped.
My head swirls.
Nothing makes sense around here.
I lift up my bag of stones.
“Tell me everything or…”
“You are your father’s child,” Rose snaps.

The secrets just keep spilling forth for Adam, Rose and Chloe. Will Adam finally get the full story from Rose? Stay tuned for next 100 words.

Choose StormWeaver in categories to read from the beginning, this continuing story, told in 100 word increments. Hope todays episode puts a smile on your face. Best, Clare.

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