On Women’s Shoulders – A 100 Word Tale

In honor of hardworking women caring for this generation and the next…

Photo Prompt Copyright – Lisa Fox used by permission for Friday Fictioneers at Rochellewisoff.com

On Women’s Shoulders

Trespassing was a crime,

But did it count if owned by family?

Alex pulled the grey stone out of the old structure,

Two down from the pink granite one, right where Mom had told him.

His hand touched the key and a photo;

His three aunts and mom linked by arms, the flourishing farm in the background.

Four women keeping it going for the generation after them.

Until calamity.

At sixteen Alex sent to a foster home.

Distant uncle Larry posted, “for sale”.

No one would buy.

Returning at eighteen, now with Mom’s secret stash,

Alex called the real estate.

Friday Fictioneers at Rochellewisoff.com, brought this photo prompt from Lisa Fox. Check out Rochelle’s blog for more interesting and creative posts.

18 responses to “On Women’s Shoulders – A 100 Word Tale”

  1. A happy ending, although borne from calamity. I’m glad Alex is able to carry on for the family. An enjoyable read, thank you.


  2. She left him a legacy. A nice welcome home for him.

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  3. I like the mystery here. I wondered, why no one would buy the place from Uncle Larry?


    1. Perhaps the locals had an opinion of absent uncle Larry who only saw dollar signs!

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  4. Wow. Many things at work in that story. Clever.


    1. Why thank you Bill! That is kind of you to say.

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  5. I love a happy ending.

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  6. Dear Clare,

    Quite a legacy in that stone home. All the best To Alex. Glad he knew where to look. Good one.



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  7. It does look like a place with a long history and a story that needs to be told.


    1. I love the stone, such workmanship!

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  8. Thank goodness Mom provided for Alex.


  9. A well woven story in 100 words, and Alex at least gets the family home back.


    1. It’s the next generation’s turn to keep the light on.

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  10. Nice inheritance and treasure story well done.


    1. Thanks Mason!


  11. I hope Alex can turn things around; I have faith!

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  12. Hope she got a good price for her own birthright

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