Sign of the Times – a 100 Word Essay


Sign of the Times

People always need a sign, a direction to tell them without a doubt this is what this means.

Nothing worse than humanity wandering aimlessly, unsure which way to go, which side of the street is ‘right’, lest they choose wrong and are lost; lost to the sense of what life brings across their path.

Yes, a little order, a little predictability goes a long way in the fray.

A building leaning but not falling, does it say something of meaning? Is it a sign?

Thought interrupted, by a garish yellow banner.


Spend money. Get experience.

Philosophy is dead.

Friday Fictioneers at, brought this photo prompt from Anne Higa. I went a different direction than usual, not exactly a story. Check out Rochelle’s blog for more interesting and creative posts.

17 thoughts on “Sign of the Times – a 100 Word Essay

  1. Interesting point about people needing signs. Signage to point out what we should admire and marketing to make sure we pay to do so. Lots to ponder there.


  2. Perhaps you have captured the philosophy of the original architect of the building, since when the foundations began to sink they carried on regardless. ‘Is it a sign?’ was probably a ruse to get paid.


  3. I confess that as I researched the history of the tower, I was distracted by the “ticket price.” But then, why not? I doubt if philosophy or religion (one of the reasons for the tower) will ever die, except with the last human. Interesting story and well done.


    1. Thank you Bill. We humans were born to think but we can become dull and just glide past the intrigue of a paradox in pursuit of a good selfie. 😜

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  4. Tourists bring change and not always for the better. Yet I guess that we are all tourists on this planet !


    1. I agree. The modern brightness of the ticket sign struck me though. It seems to detract from the tower’s historical significance; makes it just a draw to snap pictures, Instagram it etc…missing maybe a moment to ponder. Possibly I’m just in a critical mind set this morning!

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