The Stones Choose – StormWeaver #21

Before I can think it, Rose jumps forward and snatches the pouch from Maggie cat.

“I know he filled your mind with ideas about the stone’s powers, but these are not yours.”

I open my mouth,

The room shakes,

The earth shakes.

“It’s the brown stone. Did you lose it?”

Rose pulls the strings.

They are tight, from rain and heat.

“It’s my thick fingers,” Rose the knitter says.

I raise an eyebrow.

Rose hands the bag to Chloe who pulls and pulls with no success.

She hands it to me.

I don’t even try. I know.

“The stones are mine.”

Just before this episode, Rose woke up from a nap to see that Adam visited his father through touching the purple kite. She’s mad at him but he’s just as mad at her for keeping secrets about him. They both saw the cat come round with the pouch of stones on her collar.

StormWeaver is a continuing story told in 100 word increments. Read from the beginning of StormWeaver by choosing it in categories. Hope you enjoy this fantastical tale, Clare.

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