Silent Fight Words – StormWeaver Episode 20

Was it a dream? My eyes go to the kite in the corner of the room.
Rose stares, her brow wrinkled.
The soft cadence of Chloe’s snoring belies the angry questions unspoken.
Where is my Papa?
Did you touch the kite?
Who are you?
What did he tell you?
Where are my stones?

“You naughty boy!” Rose says breaking the peace.
“I am not a boy and I suspect you are not a good mama.”
“Adam!” Chloe says. “Why say such an awful thing?”
Just then Maggie struts from behind the kite, the pouch of stones swinging on her collar.

Just before this episode, Adam didn’t listen and touched the purple kite while Rose slept. He was swept into another dimension and met his father who encouraged him to wonder if the stones were powerful or was the power within him.

StormWeaver is a continuing story told in 100 word increments. Choose “StormWeaver” in categories to read from the beginning.

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