Cruel and Unusual Punishment

PHOTO PROMPT © Bradley Harris

She viewed the vastness of the ocean,
a watery path to another place,
where life waited; called from distant shores,
a cruel taunt at the close of yet another day,
while she remained confined.

She could jump out the window,
Over the fence,
Roll down the hill into the sand,
waves lapping at her feet,
Unencumbered, free.

He would be there,
Of course,
To meet her.

Hand in hand,
they would walk off into the sunset,
chase their dreams,
She and that guy,

Leave behind the jail of her room.
Let’s see what Dad would have to say about that.

Photo prompt © Bradley Harris from “Friday Fictioneers” at

28 thoughts on “Cruel and Unusual Punishment

  1. After getting to the end of your piece I had to go back and reread the beginning to feel the impact of that confinement she is feeling. Sounds almost like a prison but could simply be the interpretation of a young girl. Nice!


    1. To a teenage girl who can’t go out and meet her boyfriend (because she’s grounded due to previously going out with said unapproved boyfriend), her window might as well have bars on it.

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  2. This brings back memories, LOL. You so welldescribed the untameable urge to break free from… something, go to… somewhere and of course meet… someone. Let’s hope some of it will come true.


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