The Painter and His Daughter- 100 word story


She is under the table again,
Curled up like one of her father’s painted scrolls,
Away from the feet of all those that pass by,
She knows they could stomp,
Right over their little stand,
Paints and papers flying,
Stuck on fast feet,
Walking off with their rice and fish,
Breakfast, dinner, lunch,
And she would be hungry again.
They are so small in this crowd.
“Sue Ming, where is your brush? Finish your work.”
Smudged by her hand, half a cat on a page waits for color.
She picks up her brush and gives herself and the cat life.

Original photo prompt from “Friday Fictioneers” at PHOTO PROMPT © Brenda Cox

Check out the blog I found this photo prompt: “A Delectable Life” –

23 thoughts on “The Painter and His Daughter- 100 word story

  1. Dear CGraith,

    Welcome to Friday Fictioneers. I’m glad you found us through Dale’s blog.
    I’m guessing Sue Ming to be a small child to curl up under her father’s table. Lovely little piece. I hope you’ll visit some of the other stories (including mine. 😉 ) I look forward to reading more from you.




    1. Hello Rochelle, Dale clued me in to where the prompt came from on her blog. That’s what happens when I catch up on blogs late at night! I saw the photo, the story hit my brain and I didn’t see anything else. I waited till next day to post just to add a link to Dale’s blog since the link button is not available on the IPad app. Lol. I’ve updated to give credit all around. Thanks for letting me in the Friday Fictioneers family. I am enjoying reading others posts but haven’t gotten through them all!


  2. I felt for the little girl, hiding under the table from the crowds. You described it so well! In the end, she created life and that’s good. Hopefully, ignoring the crowd. I enjoyed this very much!


  3. So glad you found the prompt through my blog, though Rochelle is the hostess!
    I love that she is under the table observing life as she sees it. Lovely interpretation of the photo.


    1. Thanks. It was a fun exercise. Your blog is fun but I’m sorry for missing credit to Rochelle. Looked at it late at night but I’ll update with credits all around.

      Liked by 1 person

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