Questions Not Answers – StormWeaver Episode 19

I see him in the distance on a hill.
His grey hair is flowing as he flies the kite.
He waves to me.
Instantly I am there with him on the hill.
“Yes, my son?”
My mind whirls with fractured memories.
“Why did you give me the stones?”
“They are just colored stones.”
“No, they have powers.”
He laughs.
“Fly this kite with me.” He hands me the string and I’m pulled aloft.
“I don’t understand.”
I’m lifted higher and higher.
He becomes smaller and smaller.
“Is it the stones?” He calls into the air.
I open my eyes.

StormWeaver is a continuing story told in 100 word increments. Be a fan and “Like” this post. Join the Fan Family and follow this blog. Thanks, Clare.

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