War Games – Second Dose

Last time was just for fun, Bows and arrows shooting at a stationary bull’s eye. When it was done, The soldiers rested. After twenty eight days of preparation, Recording in the annals of cells, The battle plan,Lined up,Ready,Trained,The real war games begin.This is where the warriors come to life,And thrive.The faux enemy behaves like the … Continue reading War Games – Second Dose

Just for Kicks – Up Time / Down Time

I have three sisters. We spent a good part of our childhood in competition with each other as that was encouraged by our parents; not on purpose but the side effect of fickle favoritism and random penalizing. Even so, we often got on harmonious “kicks”which were spurts of obsession with one activity or another and … Continue reading Just for Kicks – Up Time / Down Time

Uncertain Certainty- A Poem

We want it all to be crystal clear; Nothing murky,Nothing left for doubt to spread its fingers in the cracks.We want to be understood in our deepest self,and to understand.For the shadows and the wondering,to cease.But all around,Our sight fails,Our love fails,Our steps slip.Where is the hand to lift,the heart to give what we want … Continue reading Uncertain Certainty- A Poem